Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Yad Vashem

When we learn about the Holocaust, we are usually learning about the history of it, the dates and places of important events. Today at y'ad vashem we had the opportunity to learn about memory, and were able to learn about individual stories. 6 million people were brutally murdered in the holocaust. That is six million names, who had families, lives, jobs, and futures that were taken away from them. This morning, we were able to break down that number, and try to understand the horrors that Jews experienced. After our tour through the museum, we were lucky enough to hear from Edith, a holocaust survivor and member of our temple congregation. Edith shared her story with us, and gave us her words of wisdom. She reminded us that life is precious and should always be cherished. We all left y'ad vashem thinking about the past, but also how we are going to contribute to a better future.
-Thea Hoaken


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