Thursday, March 16, 2017

An amazing day!

This morning, we had the opportunity to attend a Bat Mitzvah ceremony at the egalitarian section of the Western wall. This space is fairly new, about three years old, and there are many people who feel it shouldn't exist. Nevertheless, it felt amazing to be able to celebrate a Bat Mitzvah at the Western wall. This is something not that many people have done, and something that many people didn't think would ever happen. After the service we learned some more of the Western wall's history, before going to the Kotel for a second and final time this trip. We were able to write notes to put into the wall. This was a very meaningful experience because when we went to the wall on the first day, we didn't know much about it so we couldn't fully understand its significance. But after a few days and a lot of history lessons, I felt more connected to the wall because I could truly understand why it is considered to be the holiest place for Jews. Overall, it was a morning full of reflecting on the past, while moving forward into the future.

-Celia Hoaken

Today we traveled to Modi'in to meet the teens that we will be spending the next few days with. We arrived at a nature reserve near the city of Modi'in and took part in many fun activities that helped us build our relationships. These activities included archery and balancing on a wooden beam. It was great to meet the teens and we look forward to hanging out with them over the next few days!

-Aidan Lander


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