Monday, March 13, 2017

Masada and the Dead Sea

Today we went to Masada. We took a cable cart up to the top of the rock. When we got up there the first thing that hit us was the very strong wind. As we were pushing through the wind we stopped at a place called the mikvah. We learned about the mikvah and how it was a ritual bath that was over 2000 years old. There were some parts of Masada that were there since it was originally built and some parts that people recently rebuilt. During this whole time we learned about Israel and the history of Masada and why it is important. After we finished learning about Masada, we ended up having to walk back down as the cable car was not in service. All in all, I value the education I learned today.
            -Zachery Szweras

Today we headed down over 300 feet below sea level to go float in the Dead Sea. Most of the group has never been in here. It was funny to see there faces when they magically started to float. After a while of floating and messing around, we decided to cover our full bodies in mud. Some of us couldn't handle the stinging of the mud and the seawater so we quickly went to wash off. After a bit, everyone felt their skin, surprised to see how smooth the dead sea made it. We goofed around after e Sea.  We played some games and just had fun. I would definitely go back to the Dead Sea. It was well worth it!
             -Noah Tolkin

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  1. Thank you for these detailed, descriptive updates. It's great you guys are learning *and* having fun!
    JJ's Mom