Sunday, March 12, 2017

Fantastic First Day

There is nothing like the first glimpse of Israel after a very long plane ride. No matter how far from the window, everyone is craning there neck to take in the view.

We were welcomed at the airport by our tour educator, Jeremy to make 'aliyah' to Jerusalem. We were ready for our first Israeli falafel. Luckily our shin shin, Aviv, had prepared us to choose our toppings in Hebrew. He was on hand to help if we needed.

After lunch we got to tour the Western Wall Tunnels. "It's all about the rock." Jeremy told us the story of the cornerstone, the center of the universe. It was on that spot that Abraham nearly sacrificed Isaac. We heard the stories of David and Solomon. We were encouraged to think about how these stories and the places we are touring impact us. Israel is not about his-story, but our story, our Jewish memory.

After getting as close to the holiest place on earth for the Jewish people we can get, we had time to explore the kotel. We get to spend more time there later in the week when we are less tired.

We stopped in at Aroma, Israel-style, on our way to the guesthouse. It was a great day and everyone is ready for bed!

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  1. Great! Thank you for the detailed update. It is much appreciated.