Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Bamidbar - In the Desert

This morning, after talking to Naomi Efrat, the student Rabbbi and coordinator of  Ramot Shalom, Temple Sinai headed down to the Bedouin Israeli village, Abu T'lul. Our group and bunch of the Bedouin teenagers gathered in a circle to learn everyone's name. After about 10 minutes, we headed down to the kindergarten area to play. We started to talk to the kindergartens while the bedouin teenagers helped translate the languages a bit. After helping the little kids planting flowers, we started to dance. I went in middle of circle with some kids and had a great time teaching them some Canadian dance moves, such as dabbing. Everyone had fun dancing for a while and sharing the difference in cultures. We then experienced some awesome food that tasted pretty good. 
-Josh Tolkin

This morning was a very unique experience. It was like nothing I've ever done before, however, I know I won't forget it. Being able to spend time with kids our own age and younger was amazing. It was so cool to be able to see and talk about a life style that is the complete opposite from ours. The community was so welcoming, I am so grateful I got this experienc e.
- Izzy Wise


Our camel ride was amazing! We stared by getting onto the camels and they kept telling us to lean back as they got up... we realized why as  soon as they did. We went on a 30 minute trail ride though the desert and then had a meal after that consisted of pita, couscous, beef, vegetables and great juice! It tasted so good! 
-Talia Kendall


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  1. Sounds like an amazing day. Lovely to see all those smiling faces. And it looks like your weather is a lot nicer than ours (big snowstorm here). Thanks to all for posting these pics and writeups!